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How VINLock works

VINLock's process is straightforward: VINLock partners share vehicle data with VINLock for free, and in exchange they gain a greater level of security over their assets.

  • All funded vehicle data is entered into the VINLock database, and if the lender so chooses, PPSAs are registered.
  • VIN data is shared with VINLock partners* and used to ensure vehicles are not being converted, exported or double financed.
  • Before or during events that could impair a lender’s security, VINLock is consulted, and the appropriate steps are taken to prevent loss.

*VINLock is constantly working on expanding its partners. We are building relationships with the Department of Homeland Security, foreign governments, local law enforcement, etc. to prevent vehicle theft worldwide.

"CARS, TRUCKS and heavy equipment stolen from Ontario have been seen – sometimes still with Ontario licence plates – in Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Bosnia, Croatia, the Netherlands, China, Thailand, and across Africa and the Middle East."