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VINLock Services

There are two types of VINLock services: success-based services and fee-based services.

"What do all criminals need to pursue criminal activity? Transportation."

  • Success-Based Services
  • Fee-Based Services

Success-based services are provided to lenders at no upfront cost. VINLock only charges when a vehicle needs to be intercepted.

1. Anti-Export Program
In this program, you pay for the successful interception of a vehicle at national and international borders. VINLock charges Bailiff fees, transport costs, legal costs (if applicable), and any container handling fees.

2. Skip Program
After the lender provides us with their list of skips, VINLock's bailiff partners will look for the subject vehicles. Extra towing and storage costs will be billed at cost.

3. Double Financing
Either through an electronic data interchange/web services or an online interface, lenders can access VINLock's dataset to determine if another lender has already financed the vehicle. Vehicles that are already financed are deemed "VINLocked".

Fee-based services are the second group of VINLock service offerings. The costs associated with these services are charged based on third party data costs.

1. VIN Monitoring
VINs are monitored at the provincial ministries of transportation/state vehicle registries for changes in VIN ownership status. When changes are discovered, VINLock will investigate the situation.

2. Time of Funding
At the time of funding, users are able to search VINLock's extensive Canadian and American dataset to determine if the vehicle is:

  • Subject to liens
  • Cloned
  • Salvage
  • Registered in the USA
  • Reported stolen
  • Already exported

With minimal cost and low effort, VINLock can help reduce your losses. Our success-based services make getting started with our programs easy, and our fee-based services allow for the active monitoring of your portfolio. Because every dollar of loss prevented is a dollar of pure profit.

3. PPSA Registration
VINLock can become your PPSA registrar in Canada. Once a PPSA is registered, VINLock will monitor this data (through VIN Monitoring, above) so that VINs that turn up as being registered in another province will have a PPSA registered in the new jurisdiction.